Lyndsay M. Holbrook

Partner, Vice President, Business Operations Manager

A native Texan, Lyndsay Holbrook joined the m Strategic Partners team in May 2019.

As the Vice President, Business Operations Manager, Lyndsay is responsible for all of m Strategic Partners human resource management, internal and external office bookkeeping and financial processes, and general office management. Working closely with administrative staff, Lyndsay will help ensure successful daily office operations, promoting delivery of the highest quality projects by m Strategic Partners.

“As the Vice President of Business Operations, it’s my job to establish business practices that create the highest level of efficiency possible within mSP,” she says. “I really enjoy the process side of operations and being able to provide solutions that help m Strategic Partners focus on execution and hitting our goals.”

Lyndsay has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Sam Houston State University with a background in property management and personal finance.

Outside of work, Lyndsay has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle with her husband and four dogs. She enjoys taking the time to make home-cooked meals, and as a consistent runner, she loves to log her weekly mileage on the local trails.