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Houston Country Club Expansion and Renovation

Houston, Texas

The expansion and renovation project at Houston Country Club focuses on a generational improvement to their facilities. The clubhouse, originally built in 1956, will undergo a full infrastructure replacement of all equipment and distribution, including the construction of a new, more efficient, remote central plant. The clubhouse will be expanded to relocate and expand the men’s and women’s locker rooms and provide additional banquet space, including a new a la carte kitchen. The existing banquet kitchen will be replaced with a new, expanded banquet kitchen to serve the dual banquet options on the upper level. Aged sports facilities will be replaced with a new, two-story fitness and locker facility and a new tennis/pool/family cafe building. Improvements to the parking lot, facility grounds and golf arrival sequence will be included in this expansive project.

Owner: Houston Country Club
Design Architect: Chapman Coyle Chapman
Production Architect: EDI International
Contractor: D.E. Harvey Builders