Market Sectors

At m Strategic Partners we focus on market sectors with technically complex projects. We use our expertise in architecture, engineering and construction to bring the most value to your owners’ programs.

Facility Capital and Infrastructure Management

A team equipped with the experience and expertise, we are able to provide project management services for complex facility capital and infrastructure projects – all projects which can be completed in active working facilities.

From air handler and emergency generator replacements, to MRI and cath lab room renovations, we follow best practices and work closely with the owner, design and construction teams to shepherd each project, no matter the size.

Always with the project budget and schedule in mind, we work to deliver each project in the highest quality and most cost effective manner to fit the owner’s needs.

Facility Capital and Infrastructure Projects include:
– Mechanical System Replacements
– Electrical System Replacements
– Plumbing System Replacements
– Roofing and Waterproofing Systems
– Interior Renovations and Expansions
– Medical Equipment Replacements

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