Who we are

Our Profile

At m Strategic Partners we’re redefining program management in the design and construction industry.

As a Houston-based program management firm, we combine our expertise in architecture, engineering and contracting to enable our clients to deliver high-quality projects.

The way we see it, your success is our success. We eliminate barriers, we have a passion for problem solving, and we build strategic relationships. We understand your program goals and know the value of managing and improving on the program schedule and budget, and we’ll work tirelessly to keep it on track. We live for complex, rapid-deployment projects. They’re our forte.

We’re not afraid of what it takes to get the job done. One day we’re meeting with CEOs, the next we’re out working the job site. We’re not afraid to get our boots muddy. Actually, we welcome it.

Our Story

m Strategic Partners was launched in January 2013 by Richard Morris with the desire to make a difference in the world of project managment.
Since landing our first project in 2013, m Strategic Partners has been a driving force in the A/E/C industry with clients including Memorial Hermann Health System, The Texas Medical Center, The Hobby Center, and many others in the healthcare, reasearch/bio-science, higher education, and corporate markets. 

Our Values

m Strategic Partners was built on relationships. And that’s how we’ll continue to work.

We believe in doing business with companies we enjoy working with. We also believe in being fair and ethical because at the end of the day our reputation is all we have. That’s why we always take the time to invest in others.

Give us a project and we won’t just watch it from the sidelines, we’ll step up and lead by example. We’re committed to bringing value to all aspects of our projects.

Project transparency and open communication is vital to everything we do. Our goal is to facilitate the flow of information between owners, architects, engineers and contractors. With all the facts on the table, there are no surprises. And we’d like to keep it that way.


Greg Haralson

Senior Vice President/Chief Executive Officer, Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

“m Strategic Partners has consistently exhibited dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail beyond what I could have expected of a project management firm… Their expertise has brought a sense of calm at opportune times, and I know our project will be significantly improved because of their intense engagement in all aspects.”

Malisha Patel

SVP/CEO Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital and Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital

“m Strategic Partners (mSP) is true to their name, a strategic partner in leading our significant bed tower construction project.  mSP has been influential in the success of our project from the initial stages of design development through construction.

Mike Jones

Vice President, EE Reed Construction

“A project as large and complex as this one involves many entities and interests, and I am most impressed with your team’s ability to coordinate all of the stakeholders and keep them focused on the common goal – a successful project for all – completed on time and in budget.”

Scott Barbe

Former Sr. Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital

“m Strategic Partners has proven to be an ideal guide to lead us through the complex maze of building a major hospital facility.”

Jason Glover

Vice President, Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital

“The caliber of members on the m Strategic Partners team is second to none. They bring a breadth of industry knowledge and interact with everyone with the upmost professionalism. I appreciate the way that they proactively communicate, initiate key decisions early on and start with a successful end in mind.”

Malisha Patel

SVP/CEO Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital and Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital

“The team has demonstrated leadership in complex situations with the mission of our hospital top of mind. The team has been collaborative with all stakeholders and has delivered an exceptional experience while keeping us on target.”

Mike Jones

Vice President, EE Reed Construction

“The attitude and ‘get it done’ resolve of your management team is a testament to your leadership and example. Your staff is always proactive, looking and planning ahead to come up with solutions to issues, before they become problems.”